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Three simple shocking reasons why most of your supplements didn’t satisfy you:

  1. The supplement you’re taking may be contaminated with arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and pesticides. With a multivitamin, you can expect more energy throughout your day and better sleep through the night as an instant result. However, if the body uses most of the alleged energy gain to cleanse itself from the contamination you’re taking in, you will at least feel more fatigued and have no benefits.
  2. Most supplement companies are not modern enough to implement new scientific insights right away. As long as people keep buying the products, there is no need for a change. Do you truly have a better lifestyle with your multivitamin?
  3. Supplements have to be built on a modular base, like every other topic in life, whether it is scientifically based or alternative medicine. Just think about how modularity is present in every single topic of your life, except for the products that are not working well.

Do you understand why taking the right supplements is so important?

  • Heavy metal and pesticide contamination in our food and supplements is a very real and serious issue. Recalls of foods & dietary supplements from the FDA are made 15 to 45 times a month. At the time of writing, on the FDA website there were 20 recalls listed for the past 25 days. The reason why you take supplements is to prevent issues, not to create them. Do you feel safe?

Oldie but goldie: A supplement is a supplement is a supplement, right? WRONG!

  • People keep accepting the idea of working supplements, but presume they don’t have to feel more powerful. But a balanced micro- and macro-nutrients quota in your body must give you more power through your daily business, fighting most of the damage created through oxidative stress, and give you the right amount of calming nutrients so that you can sleep deeper. Such a balance has to provide you with the feeling of a better lifestyle. Do you feel it right now?

The truth about vitamins and the way they’re working is not what you think it is.

  • Everything in life is modular. Nothing is stable as a singularity; we know that from physics, where the Higgs boson is very unstable, and religion, where even a monotheistic God appears in more than one form, and of course nature, where everything is fractalized. So, modern supplements have to be, like everything else: modular.