Please take the time to read this important message 

This offer is a onetime story because of two reasons: 

1. The "best before" date on the supplements is March 2018. This doesn't mean our supplements are not good after this period; it just means the potency is 100% guaranteed until then. Our tests reveal they're solid even one year longer, but we can't ensure the strength anymore.

2. Belisan Green Superfoods Basic has received a redesign. For many people, the word BASIC was irritating. Even if our multivitamin, multimineral, green Superfoods blend is an ESSENTIAL base for our body and the total support for our modularity system, the name is a bit misleading.

Thus, we asked the community what to do. As we state our credo on our "about us" page, "We stay in touch with you, so that we can pay attention to the subjective feel."

And we received support and pieces of advice:

Thus, the new design was created thanks to the community. The new name, ESSENTIAL, is more powerful, and the design is way more modern and catchier. 

Thus, we have this sell out: Just the first 15 customer have the opportunity because we have only 80 bottles of the old design in stock. You can buy 5 Belisan Green Superfoods Basic for 49.95 instead of 149.95. It's free shipping for our customer in the United States. 

You can save $100.00 and help us bring the stock down for the newly designed bottles. 

Thanks for the support. We love you!

Belisan green superfoods basic: last chance

Just the first 15 customer have the opportunity

5 x $29.99 = $149.95

SAVE $100.00


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