Welcome to the Belisan Affiliate Program

10% Lifetime Commissions

As soon you reach $50 in commissions, we pay you out monthly.

Social Media Marketing

We promote your promo-code randomly for you on our Social Media accounts.

Monthly PayPal Payouts

Fast, secure, and on time payouts to all our affiliates.

Premium Supplements

High quality elaborated modular supplements to stand fully behind.

A compassionate and conscious supplement company that approaches a completely new path in the orthomolecular health. As a self-financed startup in this big industry, we're in need of an excellent marketing. Marketing in such an industry is costly, and not the way we're driven: We care about our environment, compensating our carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees, which are also used in more destitute villages to build schools for children, materials to build medicine and give people the possibilities to evolve. 

We don't harm animals to work out and test our potent formulas, nor do we use animal ingredients in our supplements. It would be controversial if we invested our money in big marketing companies when we can let you be a part of this holistic movement.

Yes, that's right, we prefer investing in you, the people.

And this is how our affiliate marketing plan works: You can sign up for your 10% lifetime commissions with Belisan. Lifetime means, as soon you brought us a customer, you receive 10% commission. From now on, every time the same customer buys something from us, you will receive your 10% - as long he uses the same email address he used, when he bought the first time he came through your channel.

Your channel can be a link, a banner, or a coupon code. When you sign up, you can choose the coupon code you will use for your customers. As soon somebody uses your coupon code, the customer is linked to your account, and you can earn money.We payout monthly through PayPal, which is a requirement when signing up, as soon you reached $50 payout.What are you waiting for? 

Join us and be at the very front with us!

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