Mocha Nice Cream Sundae

Mocha Nice Cream Sundae

Authored By Kristen
This sundae is sure to please the coffee lover in everyone. Using my coffee nice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, and date caramel recipes, you can make a sundae to beat that sweet tooth and satisfy your urge for an expensive drive through coffee all in one shot. With only five total ingredients in all three components, these sundaes are cheap and easy. Packed with fiber as well as potassium, calcium, and iron, these sundaes are not only good, but good for you. The dates, cacao and bananas all contain antioxidants and magnesium. The vitamin C in the bananas and dates help your body to properly absorb the iron, so these sundaes are truly something you can feel good about eating.


  1. Make your coffee nice cream.
  2. Divide into two bowls.
  3. Top as desired with date caramel and chocolate fudge sauce.


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