You Need More Than Love For A Successful Relationship

You Need More Than Love For A Successful Relationship

Authored By Emily
Love is a beautiful feeling and each individual has a different experience of love. Most relationships if not all have love in them and it brings along happiness and the connection is great and this has made people believe that all they need is love and get to ignore other values such as commitment, respect, and humility which are very important in a relationship. Romantic movies and love stories have made people idealize love and people see that it will get them out of their pain and struggle, but in the end, there is a price we pay for our relationships. When we fall in love, the brain releases hormones and chemicals which make us look past unhealthy characteristic and qualities of the other person that are not best for that relationship. We say that if one loves us, then other things will fall into place.

However, we need to ask ourselves, is love all we need to have a long lasting relationship?

First, we need to remember that love is one of the ingredients of a successful relationship and it builds a strong foundation required for a healthy relationship. It is a necessity in every relationship but when we idealize it, then it will create unrealistic expectations of our partners, which may disappoint us when the person doesn’t do what we want or say what we want to hear.

Some of other values that are needed for a healthy and successful relationship include:

  1. Communicating This is very important because the lack of it causes relationships to fail. Good communication should be direct and calm and it should be meant to make two people discuss and understand each other’s needs, feelings, hopes, and fears. With adequate communication, you can navigate through disagreements and resolve any conflicts, anger or resentment and get to a level that you all are on. Poor communication that is brought about by not listening to your partner, being defensive and always criticizing will kill the relationship. Resist the temptation to interrupt your partner as they talk or even show that their opinions don’t matter.
  2. Trust You need to trust your partner that they will be there for you and you can depend on them. A trustworthy person should be consistent with his or her words and they should match their actions. Trust doesn’t come easily, but it takes a risk of trusting someone to learning that it is safe to keep on trusting them so as to have a committed relationship.
  3. Compatibility Two people can’t be in a healthy relationship if they don’t share mutual interest and passions, and don’t spend their time together. We are all different in character, but there are some things that will seem acceptable at the beginning of a relationship but will cause a disconnection later in the relationship. You need to have some similar interest where you can hang out together or work on them together without feeling that you are being forced to.
  4. Faithfulness Being unfaithful is a common thing that causes most people break off their relationship. Staying faithful to each other and only to each other will make love nurture but infidelity will not work. Most people who cheat say that they were lonely or they wanted something different, but this could have been solved earlier on if they had adequate communication.
  5. Respect Respect is critical in every relationship because it shows how much you value your partner. You should be with someone that you feel a sense of positive regard and admire so that you give them the respect that they deserve.
  6. Acceptance We all have moments when our tongues slip and we get to say things that are wrong. The fact that none of us is perfect is an assurance that we can make mistakes and should be relaxed about it. You need to accept your partner’s flaws by not raising the bar too high so as to have a warm loving relationship.
  7. Patience You will not be in agreement at all times or things may not go as you desire or planned so you need to have the patience to be able to deal with the circumstances. You need patience to endure the difficult times, the stress, arguments, and heartaches, so that you will be able to build a loving healthy and successful relationship.
Remember that love doesn’t mean that you are equal. Both male and female have different characteristics and needs to which we require our partners to fulfill while in the relationship. Lack of understanding this concept leads to one giving the other what they want to get instead of giving what the partner needs. Love will make you feel better about your relationship problems, but it doesn’t solve relationship problems because these problems require other things to solve them. For example, when in financial problems, you would need to communicate on how you will get money to get out of that problem. When you discuss it makes you feel that you care about the problem and you are willing to tackle it rather than waiting for love to solve it. You need to check if you are worth loving this person or you are sacrificing a lot. When you love someone it means that you will think of them and their needs so as to help care for them. However, because love is blind, people go overboard and they will sacrifice their own dignity, time, self-respect, physical body and life purpose to be with someone. This is not worth at all as the relationship is based on one person. A loving relationship should replace one's dignity rather than replacing or damaging it. Love is a good thing and when you love you should be loved back. Relationships are not easy, but if you and your partner purpose to work together and make it work, then you will have a healthy and successful relationship.


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