Why, When And How To Be Daring?

Why, When And How To Be Daring?

Authored By Emily
To be daring is to be adventurous, bold, and a little gutsy. Daring people tend to take risks that most people wouldn’t. For example, while mountain climbers will exercise all caution when determining how far to do, a daring one will go to the top of Mount Everest. A daring sailor will choose to go into deep sea amidst a storm. Even quitting a job without an alternative source of income or another job offer is very daring. Daring people do things without the certainty of what will happen next. More often than not the options of what could happen are usually risky and dangerous. I mean climbing the top of Mount Everest presents the very real possibility of freezing to death.

Why dare?

Some may view being daring as a simply risky behavior but being daring is actually very important for self-development. When you dare, you push yourself into new territory. Daring helps you discover things about yourself; maybe hidden talents, abilities and potential you never knew existed. The consequences of risk taking can be catastrophic but they could also be very rewarding. When it is rewarding, it gives you the motivation to do even greater things. Being daring helps you get over your fears. When we’re so afraid of the outcome we limit ourselves but when we dare, we realize that those fears don’t hold power over us. We’re able to grow and take more risks without hesitation.

When to dare

When is an ideal time to be daring? The answer is now! Daring needs you to stop overthinking. You could start by doing simple things like choosing to wear a color you’d normally not wear. Striking a conversation with the person seated next to you in a bus. Doing things that you’d normally hesitate from doing. These are simple harmless risks. So what if the person in the bus doesn’t talk back to you? You did the brave thing and said hello. Their indifference is their problem, not yours. We often get caught up in procrastinating on making major decisions. We like to say we’ll do this and that when this and the other are like this. This conditions will only hold you back. The best way to get things done if you find yourself constantly making excuses is by taking that risk. Be daring and register for those classes you’ve wanted to take. Go skydiving and experience the thrill; forget about doing it when you reach your ideal target weight. Do it now! If you cannot be daring enough to take smaller risks such as trying new foods, talking to a stranger or wearing a different color, how will you be able to take the bigger risks on investment, marriage, adoption and such? Taking risks is an everyday practice. Start now on the smaller things and before you know it, you’ll have the courage to go after the bigger more rewarding things in life.

How To Be Daring

It’s exciting to think that you could make it in the books of history or become one of the most successful individuals in the world all from taking a dare. Before you get too excited, there are things you need to consider. First of all, daring requires an appeal to common sense. Let’s face it, daring to skydive when you’re afraid of heights is a risk but if done properly under the guidance of reputable professionals, then the risk is calculated and will most likely yield a positive result. At the end of it, you’ll probably no longer be afraid of heights. However, deciding to skydive with homemade equipment is not daring; that’s just outright foolish. While you might survive the experience, exposing yourself to the danger of using inadequate equipment most certainly risking your life, is simply not a well-calculated risk. So take risks, it’s great and highly encouraged but also, practice caution. That way should the outcome be negative, you’ll have a buffer and a chance to try again. The second thing you much consider when taking dares is truth to self. Don’t take a risk for anyone’s benefit but yourself. Don’t take risks to merely copy what others are doing. Always stay true to yourself. Thirdly, realize that you’re never too young or too old to explore the things that you’ve always wanted. Maybe you always wanted to be a dancer but life happened and you never pursued dancing. Enroll for those classes and dance away. You might never be a famous dancer, maybe never even make it to any competition but you’ll have gone against the odds and obstacles to stay true to you and your desires. Don’t let the past failures pollute your present and future. Take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way every single day. How would you know that the risk you’re about to take is worth it? Simply ask yourself, “if you were certain you wouldn’t fail, had in your possession the resources required and the support of friends and family, would you take the leap?” If you answer yes to this question, then the risk you’re about to take is definitely worth it. Taking risks is of great benefit in helping you move out of your comfort zone and push yourself to higher limits. It is, however, important to note that it takes some time to be able to take bigger and bigger risks. The good news is that you can start from anywhere. Purpose today to do something out of your comfort zone every day. Push yourself to go that extra mile during your morning run, put on that brightly colored outfit you love but worry will get bad reception from colleagues or friends, try out that new dish in the menu. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing Mt. Everest, Skydiving, and putting loads of cash in an investment plan. Learn how to embrace both obstacles and learning opportunities every step of the way. Enjoy your goal as you would a huge playground, and never stop discovering the various ways in which you can accomplish your goals while having fun all the way.


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