The One Moment Meditation For Busy People

The One Moment Meditation For Busy People

Authored By Emily

Most of us have probably heard of meditation, and we typically visualize being in a quiet place with no distractions sitting with our legs crossed. In fact, most experts advise doing your meditations at home early in the morning or just before you go to bed at night. That does make sense. However, the catch is when is it most valuable to seek some calmness and tranquility? It should be when you are at your busiest and most stressed out and this is usually at the office. Work is one of the principal causes of stress, and the more stressful the work environment is, the more stressed out you become if you are do not find a way to manage stressful situations effectively.

So how do you carve out a moment in the busiest time of your day to meditate? The One Minute Meditation is the perfect way to meditate right in the middle of the workplace.

Benefits of Meditation

  • First of all, what are the advantages of meditation? Meditation is beneficial to your emotional well-being. Scientific studies have concluded that meditation reduces worry, anxiety and impulsive action. It enhances self-esteem and lessens feelings of loneliness, stress, anxiety, and depression. Meditation improves your moods and emotional intelligence thus developing positive social connections.
  • Meditation has a positive influence on your mental prowess by increasing mental strength and focus. You develop better memory recall and retention and improve your cognitive skills and creative thinking. Better decision-making and problem-solving skills are critical to the workplace and meditation positively influence this.
  • Meditation has well known documented results for better health. Consistent meditation improves your immune system and energy levels, which make you a more productive person at the office. It improves your breathing and heart rates and lowers blood pressure. Meditation lessens conditions such as asthma, heart and brain problems.

The One Moment Meditation Technique

This technique involves meditating for just one minute. Ensure you have no distraction for the next one minute. Sit comfortably with your back straight but not rigid and with your legs planted firmly on the floor. Imagine your head being lifted up from the weights and burdens of the world. Put your hands in any position that is still, symmetrical and balanced for example on your knees with your palms facing either downwards or upwards or clasped together. During the minute, focus on your breathing moment to moment and do not fret if you get distracted. As soon as you notice a distraction, just think Hmm and bring your mind back to your breathing. Start the timer for one minute long and focus on your breathing moment to moment.


The point of the One Moment Meditation is to show you that you can make a positive change in your state of mind in a minute. With One Moment Meditation, you can learn to reduce the length of one minute until your entire day can be filled with meditation because it only takes a moment.


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