Powerful Questions To Guide Yourself

Powerful Questions To Guide Yourself

Authored By Emily
You might have been living your life while asking yourself the wrong questions all along. The questions we usually ask ourselves even through a completely unconscious process profoundly guide our lives and how we live them. 2 questions that you might find some people asking themselves and which rule their thinking is ‘what am I supposed to be doing?’ and ‘what do I feel like doing?’

What am I supposed to be doing?

The first question entails hitting the numbers and what does the world consider to be good, successful, sensible or commendable. What does or would your mother approve of? This question might prove to be very influential in your early life as it shapes how you will turn out, but some of us might still be easily affected by a significant amount of ‘compare and despair’ anxiety. We all love to see how we measure up against everyone else around us and this impulse never seems to disappear as we get older. As opposed to comparing grades, scores and college acceptances it evolves to salaries and how our kids are progressing. There always seems to be an external mark, we are supposed to be hitting. This agenda is determined by the ego and can be called the Social Self which is all about getting yourself aligned and conformed to the societal standards set for general acceptability and measuring of success. It does not involve what makes you even reasonably satisfied, fulfilled or happy and more often than not it ends up making us miserable. Based on this agenda one would end up choosing a career and a marriage and this might end up not being successful for some or successful for others. The fact of the matter is that you are not supposed to do anything because life is a test and there is no right answer or formula. Unless you figure that you aren’t supposed to do anything you could end up in an unhappy marriage or a job you don’t love for years.

What do I feel like doing?

This question acts as a remedy of some sort for those who have been living life based on what they’re supposed to do. The problem with doing what you feel like doing is that it may keep you in your comfort zone because most people don’t feel like doing things that make them uncomfortable, scared or things that need you to do lots of work with no reward guaranteed in the long haul. The problem that comes here is the timeline because it concentrates on your feelings at the moment.

What do I aspire to do?

This is the question you might want to really ask yourself as it focuses on what you really want while directing your attention out a bit. It means you will direct your ambitions and hopes towards achieving something. You would be talking about what feels good to you and focusing on your body’s reaction. It is inspiring and exciting to think about what you aspire to do. Focus on the happiness of engaging in a goal that has meaning to you regardless of what others might think of it or how long it takes. Take time to enjoy the process because that is what life is truly about. The long-term gratification of the process should be enough to get you out of bed in the morning.


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