Authored By Emily

The mood button Think of our bodies as a huge stadium with lots of fans, refs and players that keep us in whatever shape we are in. in that same way, we have a player in charge of our moods, happiness and sadness. These are hormones that can be easily manipulated by very many factors (the fans). Like most things in the world, this can be explained scientifically. There is a logical process to what has made you that happy or devastated, let’s look at the science behind this. Is there a science to this? Of course there is. Having a bad mood and a good one is dependant solely on hormones. So ladies, the ‘my hormones are acting up’ is actually a real thing. Moods are essentially altered by numerous things around us ranging from weather, traffic, foods or even a sheer sight or smell of something. How bad the mood will be is dependent on the stress levels you are already subject to. For some it would take a catastrophe to change their moods, others just a whiff of dust and that’s it!

Things that can actually control our moods

Meditation This is not just for religious purposes but widen the scope and dig deep into your spiritual side. Restorative yoga has been known to increase mindfulness and awareness. This state can actually change your brain structure and even develop and promote the sense of well-being, and isn’t that what happiness is all about? Feeling low? Lift your spirit with a bit of self-reflection and realisation. After all, happiness comes from within. Shopping So who said money can’t buy happiness. Well it can, if done right and of course moderately. Buying something new is like a present from yourself to you. A surprise will always get you cheery, even an expected one. And when we say shopping, we just don’t mean goods and stuff, why not buy an experience? If you could have a concert ticket instead of a great meal, wouldn’t you take it? That’s because experiences have a lot more to offer other than one solid item, pus quality time doing what you love. A cat video There are many funny videos out there, but nothing beats that of a funny cat video. Over and over, cats have proven to be the most hilarious domestic animals by being cool or cruel. Either way, we are loving these clips. Laughter is the best cure to almost anything relieving tension, increasing immunity and even reducing stress. A bad mood is definitely top 5 in this cure list. So feeling a bit down, frustrated, angry? Watch a cat doing some batman stunts, which will definitely get you cracking, enjoy! Singing, Music and dance Singing is something that comes naturally to humans, good singing with great voices, that is a talent! However, we are not talking about auditioning for the voice. Just the regular singing in the shower, dancing in the mirror kind of routine. Everyone sound good in the shower though. Over the years, therapists have done plenty of research and have realised music waves can actually boost our moods. This applies to all sorts of music, whatever you like. Music additionally can also fight sickness by increasing antibodies. What better way is there to get happier rather than staying healthy? Art Just as discussed previously, these are somethings that come naturally to the human race. Art is not just about the Mona Lisa and all the other perfectly done replicas. Is about expressing yourself. And when your moods are off the charts, that’s when you need to do it the most. Be it with a paint brush, a pen and book, spoken word or audio visuals, this is your chance to let it flow. By the end of it, you are someone else, in a better mood and even a happier being. Cooking You don’t even have to be a foodie for this, just learn the basic. It has been said that even making a simple egg can change your mood. Not because of the cracking of the shell that might give you a ting, but the idea of the end product will better your mood. Just the thought of food can make you move from grumpy to happy. Don’t dwarf yourself (see what I did there?) get cracking ;). The science of food and mood Foods play a huge role in regards to how we feel about everything. However, not all foods are designed to make us happy, and despite the amazing sugar rush effects, sweets are not the ideal way to go. Research has proven over and over that plant based foods have a higher positive result as compared to animal-protein foods. Let’s break them down in mood categories; Happy foods Stay happy by loading up on foods that provide vitamin B. this vitamin works to keep the Homocysteine levels low that is the sole cause of depression, especially in women as it relieves PMS symptoms. Vitamin B also aids in the production of adrenaline that controls the flight, fight and freeze response of our bodies to stress. You can acquire this by feasting on:

  • Vegetables such as asparagus, sunflower seeds and flaxseed
  • legumes such as beans and peas
  • nuts
  • leafy greens such as spinach, kales and romaine lettuce
  • fruits like tomatoes (yes it’s a fruit), bananas and apples
  • whole grains
Relaxed foods Keep calm and do whatever posters are not just cutting it anymore, we are freaking out. You have deadlines piled from here to eternity and the minions in your head are freaking out! What you need is an instant solution to calm you down. When in a stressed condition, you deplete your magnesium supply faster, and therefore an instant elevation is required. Foods such as pumpkin seeds and leafy greens acts as supplements. While at it, feel free to accompany your tossed salad with a glass of wine. Wine is a great way to fight the hormone adrenaline, especially the fight-flight instinct getting you in a relaxed improved mood. But with this, moderation is key. You literally a glass away from complete chaos! Energizing meals Deficiency of iron or vitamins can result in low energy which can be translated as a bad mood. Keep your spirits high and lifted with boosts that can be found in spinach, tomatoes and bell peppers which are rich in proteins. Curb depression and anxiety Another great way to live s on the defensive side. Why ruin your mood in the first place just to fix it later? Well, there are foods to keep you happy throughout the day. Herbal tea is probably one of the oldest solutions out there to such an issue. You can make a simple tea with camomile and lemon to enjoy after a morning ‘sesh’ with the yogi master. Wonder why hippies are always happy? There you go! The high levels of vitamin c in the lemons and tea curb with the stress by boosting your immune and adrenal system. You can also have foods rich in amino acids such as legume, nuts and whole grains just to which increases the hormone dopamine. This is the hormone that keeps you happy and can even improve mild depression.


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