How To Practice Being Kinder On Yourself

How To Practice Being Kinder On Yourself

Authored By Emily
The notion of self-compassion can apply to every one of us in making positive life choices. We all say and do things we feel ashamed about and for this reason we all need to care for ourselves compassionately so that we can allow ourselves to heal fully from our mistakes and here are some great ways you can do that.

Change your mindset

More often than not, some people find it hard to lift themselves up, especially if they are feeling ashamed or low, but it is important to know that changing your mindset is essential if you want to create compassion for yourself. For some, self-compassion starts with changing your thoughts; start focusing on the behavior itself as bad and not you. Once you start identifying and naming the behavior instead of yourself as a whole, you will be able to be kinder to yourself and open your mind up to the possibility that you could make positive changes in your life.

Think and speak kindly about yourself

Your words are especially powerful and if you keep telling yourself you are unforgivable, a mess or unworthy, then you will start believing it soon enough. Once you start changing your words and thoughts about yourself for the better, you’ll start having more compassion for yourself. You are not a bad person, but a person making bad choices. Imagine talking about yourself as you would your best friend.

Forgive yourself

Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone forgives themselves for these mistakes which can be challenging depending on the mistake. You need to consider that you can’t undo the past, so your best bet is forgiveness and moving forward. Apologize for your mistake to yourself and to others.

Do things you enjoy

You deserve to have exciting, uplifting and joyful experiences in life and doing pleasurable activities can be good for you if you’re struggling with shame. Allow yourself happiness and take time to do what you love as an act of self-compassion.

Try to avoid assumptions and judgments

When you make an assumption about your future actions or judge yourself, you don’t give yourself a chance to choose a different path. Open yourself up to all possibilities instead of limiting yourself which will only inhibit you.

Connect with others

Self-compassion is about how you care for yourself. If you share who you are with others you will find that you are not alone. Recognizing that you’re struggling to treat yourself with kindness can make the struggle manageable. Developing strong emotional ties with people makes it easier to work towards self-compassion by dealing with your personal shame.

Care for your body and mind

Take in new information, fill your body and mind with positivity and be mindful of what you take in, not to mention what you are doing with your energy all of which is essential for self-compassion. Doing this will enable you to recognize what makes and doesn’t make you feel good about yourself which will give you a chance to make choices for yourself that are more conscious and compassionate.


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