How To Achieve True Happiness

How To Achieve True Happiness

Authored By Emily
What makes you happy? What is being happy? When we talk of happiness most of us can agree that what comes to mind is a feeling. How you feel when you’re happy is excited, at peace, calm, satisfied; happiness feels great. But is happiness just a feeling? Happiness, however, does not lie on material possessions. I’m sure we all know or have heard of individuals who have immense wealth but live miserable lives. Material possessions bring us comfort and make our lives easier and better but can in no way bring us happiness. Life is never a smooth sailing venture; it’s characterized by ups and downs. So when going through difficulty in life, does that mean you’re not happy? I think happiness is a state and not just a feeling. So you can be happy even when experiencing a difficult situation.

How To Cultivate A Life Of Happiness

  1. Connect with yourself We live at a time where society, media, and other external forces are constantly telling us who and how we should be. We see many men and women going to extremes to fit into the society’s definition of perfect. We are all individuals with unique abilities, minds, and talents. Examine who you are, what makes you happy? What excites you? What are your aspirations, dreams, and goals? This is the first step to true happiness.
  2. Take charge Once you understand who you are and what you are about, you now need to make the decision to go after what makes you happy. This is the tricky bit because common sense comes to play. For instance, if you realize that the thing that would fulfill you the most is painting, you could abandon everything else in pursuit of your happiness. However logic tells you that you have financial obligations, maybe children depending on you, bills to pay so how you go about achieving happiness has to be a well calculated intelligent move otherwise you could end up more miserable. Do not allow the limitations in your life at the moment deter you from going after what you want. Keep your eye on the goal and continue to work hard and soon enough things will start falling into place.
  3. Invest in personal development You cannot realize happiness unless you take full control of your physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological wellbeing. It’s a balancing act really. Develop yourself and your skills through training, seminars, inspirational material or even through a mentor. It’s important to invest in you so that you can achieve your set objectives and ultimately realize happiness.
  4. Surrender Surrender simply means letting go. Stop trying to control outcomes and situations you have no control over. Do your best but be determined to be at peace no matter the outcome. Even when you fall short of your goals, don’t give up. Keep moving and choose to be happy in spite and despite the surrounding circumstances. Easier said than done, right? It all starts with our inner self; the power of your mind. Make a conscientious decision to be happy and the rest will follow.


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