Empowering Relationship

Empowering Relationship

Authored By Emily

Happy life happy wife, right? It doesn’t take one to be in a 20 year relationship to fully comprehend the joy and the love that a great relationship can spark. Be it from the experience of a solid one or from witnessing a great one, all healthy relationships have something in common, they are empowered. The couple has gone out of each other’s way to make sure the other is appreciated by all means and definition of the term. He/ she is what makes you special. In an empowered relationship, it’s all about giving, seeing yourself through the other’s eyes and striving to make everyday a whole new experience. Despite the different methodologies and approaches, there are standing factors that cut across all of these platforms.

What are the highlights of an empowered relationship?

Monitor your focus

If there is something we can take from the yin yang is the balance of life, the good and the bad. The bad in the good and the good in the bad. This is what makes you who you are. At no point will you meet a person so perfect in every way they do not have a downside. From time to time, your partner will get on your nerves, start an unreasonable quarrel or even a fuss over something so small. Maybe it’s something they do that makes you tick with anger. Perhaps squeezing the toothpaste from the middle? Well, empowered couples understand there is no perfection in anyone, but there is the great that you admire. Focus on that, remind yourself why this works. It’s the good that makes it a great relationship. This is one of the greatest keys to an empowered relationship.

Listening is a skill

Most of the human population listens to only about 20%, while speaking for about 80%. In a relationship, a mutual understanding and a balance of this is an important aspect. Couples in an empowered relationship understand the need to listen and understand. Do not listen, eager to pounce with a reply. The point of listening in this case is to understand your partner’s perspective. Open your eyes and ears cause judgement is the last thing they need at this point. Understanding both perspectives is important in resolving conflicts, disagreements and other issues that may arise.

The culture of common interests

Naturally, people have different interests. And as a couple, you tend to lean towards doing everything together. Well, you don’t have to spend every waking hour with your partner, but having some common interest can help in empowering and strengthening your relationship. For the lucky who already have a common interest, strive to grow by actively participating in them. You have a bucket list to clear, why not do it together?

Trust and forgiveness

We have established that disagreements and tough moments are inevitable in a relationship, but how we deal with them is what defines us. This also raises the issue of trust and forgiveness. Do you trust your partner and if so, by how much? With your life? Your car? Your phone? The last one might be particularly difficult to this era’s couple. Some of the things couples fight over could have been dealt with easily, if a little trust was shown. And when the milk is in fact, spilled, forgiveness is all you can ask for. On the other hand, learn to forgive. This gives a sense of belief in your partner and when in the wrong, you need someone to believe in you.

A simple physical gesture

We hear tales and stories of old couples saying ‘a few years back, he would carry me in the air and I would laugh so hard, it was lovely!’ what happens to this spark? There is that gesture that your partner would do that means the world to you. Especially for ladies, a little physical gesture goes a long way. Something small like holding hands, taking walks in the park just the two of you or even a simple opening of the door. Do not lose some of these cultures as they could be what makes someone’s day.

Words that make or break

A single word could be mightier than a sword strike. And this is the case, especially when it comes to relationships. Think of this as sort of a verbal contract between two humans, to cherish and to love each other for as long as they will have one another. You know this person inside out and you know exactly what could ruin them. Choose your words carefully when in a confrontation. At the back of your mind you have a phrase that can mute your partner, but is that what you really want for them? This is chance to test your conscience. Given a chance, would you break your better half? This is what empowers a relationship or takes it back a dozen steps.

Tamed anger and apology for lost tempers

The former point brings us to this one. Tame your anger. Why should you let yourself get out of control like that? You are in an empowered relationship, and you understand heated arguments are a complete waste. Being right does not mean the other person is wrong. When in this heated situation, you can always just walk away and cool down. Discuss the situation in a calm state and clear mind. Many relationships have sabotaged due to anger issues, and if asked, you can’t even recall the topic of argument.

Your very own cheerleader

Nothing warms the heart faster than your very own personal cheerleader. Appreciation is a sentiment every human needs to have to grow exponentially in general, and having someone who has your back at all times is a special something. To have an empowered relationship, you will need to appreciate any little progress your partner makes, be it in a crazy business venture or a huge work promotion, cheer for their victories. This is the way to grow, every cheer is a challenge to better than they are. The most important bit of this is to do it openly, and when appreciated be grateful for that blessing.

Don’t try to change someone

Being in an empowered relationship shows that you have a full understanding of your partner’s traits and characters. These are the things you fell in love with in the first place. So why would you want to change that? Trying to change someone can a frustrating endeavour likely to end in failure for both parties. Why channel all that energy in trying to change someone, while it’s so much easier to change yourself or your company for that matter. Being in an empowered relationship means you are inspired and motivated by each other to air your feelings clearly and finding the way forward. That energy channelled well.

Joint matters

Over time, your interests are bound to change, and not all change is suitable or acceptable by the other. In a healthy relationship, there is such a thing as compromise. When it comes to joint matters or something likely to affect both your lives, negotiating and re-negotiations are a must. Keeping everything fluid can sometimes mean a two-way compromise, and that is okay. In some cases this the best alternative.

These are not the only highlights. The list is endless, but bottom line, love is what suffices. Show it in every moment and every minute you get the chance to.  


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