Effective Home Remedies For Eczema

Effective Home Remedies For Eczema

Authored By Emily
What is eczema first of all? This is a condition where our skin gets dry, sore or red and can result in inflammation, extreme irritation, and itchiness. This condition is common, but in different degrees. For someone with dry skin cannot be considered to have eczema. This condition is one of those pestering ailments that can be very depressing in severe cases. Imagine an itch that never goes away or a soreness you have to live with. Worse yet, it's a condition of the skin, the largest organ. This is mostly a genetics factor in play and some cases; an immune balance can result in this. The dryness is as a result of the skin's failure to retain water within itself, thus allowing microbes to enter resulting in inflammation. However, there are home remedies to this situation that can reduce dryness and in the long run, curb irritation and itchiness. These are ingredients that can easily be found in the house and are naturally available. We don’t want to add salt to a wound, now do we?

Coconut oil

The main goal of any product is to soothe the skin and eventually prevent redness. Coconut oil is an all-natural, which most of us have in our homes. This product is a great stepping stone in curbing eczema as it prevents loss of water through the skin. This layer provides a waterproof film that retains almost 90% of the skin's water. Just wash and apply depending on your skin's desire.

Oatmeal soak

Oatmeal is known for its high anti-inflammatory properties. This comes in very handy when seeking out a nourishment solution. This particular food is not only useful when ingested by when applied as well. Place some oatmeal in a thin sheet or muslin and run water through it. The milky product that drains out is what you will coat your skin with for 10 minutes a day.


This incredible tea can act as an oatmeal soak alternative. It's a great solution to irritation, inflammation, and disinfectant keeping the germs away. Use it as you would oatmeal, but sub it with a chamomile flower.

Corn starch and oil

It might sound icky, but hear me out. Corn starch and water alone can be a great solution to eczema, but it’s not the best as the corn starch will need water to retain itself. However, with oil, this mixture provides a coating sensation that retains the moisture in your skin, which is the very essence of curbing eczema. Apply the affected areas and let it sit for approximately 20minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Clay for the human pot

Only those who have been affected by this condition understand that there is really no time for the skin to cool and heal from a scratch or inflammation. This is where you can substitute your skin solutions with French green clay. Mix this with water or hazel extract and apply the paste to the affected areas. Let it dry, then rinse off with cool water to minimize any chance of irritation. This solution is rich in magnesium, calcium and other minerals that are perfect for preventing itching. The hazel just adds a relieving effect, preventing blisters. Be sure to store it in an airtight container to prevent drying out. And if it does dry out, just add some hazel or water to achieve consistency.


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