Easy Yoga Exercises for the Office

Easy Yoga Exercises for the Office

Authored By Emily

Most likely than not, you are sitting right now with your shoulders hunched forward with your head bent low. Most of us unknowingly adopt bad sitting habits that put a lot of strain on your lower back. Sitting with your back rounded instead of straight, puts a lot of pressure on the lower back spinal discs leading us to experience a “tight” lower back pain. The following exercises can help to stretch your back, hamstrings and lengthen your spine as well.

Downward-Facing Dog on the Desk

Stand a foot away from your desk and lean forward and place your hands on the edges of the table. Have your back parallel to the floor. Relax your shoulders and pull hips back from your head to lengthen the spine. Breathe deeply for at least five full breaths. To come up, exhale deeply, lift chest and head first. Walk toward the table with your hands still on the table till you’re standing upright.  Take a few more breaths.

Pendulum Leg Swings

Here we use gravity to help stretch and lengthen the muscles in our hips by swinging them heavily. This heavy swinging facilitates more oxygen down to the legs and relaxes muscles. Put a stack of hardy books or a low stool on the floor away from the wall. Place your hand gently on the wall to steady yourself. Lift your left leg and swing from the hips while relaxing your arms by your side. Count up to 10 swings then get off the stool and take a few deep breaths with your feet hip-apart. Switch to the other leg and repeat the cycle.

Eagle Pose

Most of us have experienced that constant chronic ache between and just underneath the shoulder blades. That sensation is brought about by rounding the shoulders forward continually which forces the muscles between the shoulder blades to work extra hard. This pose stretches those muscles, thus relieving the tension. Sit or stand upright in a comfortable position with your arms and shoulders relaxed at your sides. Raise up your arm in front of you and cross your right arm over your left arm at the elbows. Cross your forearms with your elbows bent and you can also clasp your fingers together. Relax your shoulders and gently bring your elbows against each other. Remain in that pose for at least five full breaths and then relax either side before switching over to the arms.

The Old-Fashioned Shoulder Stretch
This pose focuses more on the shoulder blade movements.

Sit or stand in a comfortable upright position and roll your shoulders up, down and back a couple of times. When you’re exhaling, roll your shoulders further back down and stay there for five breaths then relax your shoulders. Draw your shoulder blades back and intertwine your fingers behind your back. Exhale and then gently bring your hands and arms forward in front of your shoulders and stay for five breaths. This pose opens up your chest and relieves shoulder tensions.


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