Down? Get Back On Your Feet!

Down? Get Back On Your Feet!

Authored By Emily
Most of us, if not all, have been knocked down by life at some point and for some bouncing back may seem almost impossible but somehow we manage to get through it. It is important to note that life has ups and downs as well as accomplishments and challenges. And everyone undergoes success as well as failure. When we are experiencing challenging phases some people tend to dwell more on these bad experiences which result in a feeling of judgment towards oneself and a feeling of self-loathing. These pitfalls are part and parcel of life, and whether you like it or not, the important part of it all is not burying yourself in the dark abyss and make a choice to spend the rest of your life there. You need time to come to terms with these changes that are a result of the difficulties in life. However, once the grieving phase is complete it is essential that you move on from this situation. You always have two choices when life knocks you down; to stay back down and keep living your life with regret and resentment or to get up, dust yourself off and move forward. If you opt for the former, there is a high likelihood that things will get worse with time because it will take you nowhere. Your best bet is to collect what is left and begin moving forward once again. Your life is made up of all the choices you have made this far leading you up to this moment and sometimes things that are not in our control happen but mostly your life is the result of a series of decisions you have made. What will make you stand out from the crowd is how you overcome your challenges and consciously choosing to remain positive, basically your attitude towards life. Here are some tips to get you by when you find yourself going through a rough patch or a similar situation.

Take a break

Sometimes you just need to take five from things that have been part of your life for a long time. This could be because you need to learn something new or you need your life to take an entirely different direction. This life is not as random as it appears as there is a reason why everything happens the way it does. Take a break to clear your mind as it will help you understand the big picture in not part of it.

Don’t overthink it

It has never helped anyone and it generates problems that you did not even have in the first place. Try and engage your mind in activities that are healthy. Don’t allow your mind to wander and do things that you enjoy and that make you feel good. Concentrate on the present and teach yourself to accept it with the understanding that you cannot control everything. Even in the most trying situations learn to trust yourself and everything will fall into place eventually.

Use the lowest moments to evolve and learn

These challenges are brought about on our path for a reason, we come across them to test our strength and in other situations, they exist to simply push us in a completely different direction than what we would have taken otherwise. Use them to learn from your mistakes and evolve into a person who is more responsible and wiser. Work with dedication and concentrate on the skills that can be helpful to others. Some of the world’s most successful people have grown the most from their struggles.

Change your perspective

Life sometimes surprises us with things that we never expected or anticipated and at these times we learn a lot about the real world in general, relationships and human emotions. A difficult situation will help you realize the value of real friends, family and other things that hold real value in your life. This time can be used to clear your mind as opposed to trying to seek answers you won’t find. Clear your perspective and taking a step back and the answers might come to you.

Humor yourself

Being resentful and sad will not improve anything or change anything so why not just laugh at your troubles. Accept that you made a mistake and allow bad things to happen and a few years down the line you might be laughing about it with loved ones. It will not sound as terrible as it looks now.

Treasure the good times

Memories are excellent to reflect on for others, but not so much for some. This time can be used to reflect on past experiences, how far you have reached and how far you have to go. Treasure the old times; be thankful for all your past opportunities and everything you have experienced so far in this world. Gratitude attracts positive energy and it will help you bounce back more easily.

A fresh start

You can always start again, regardless of how far you think you’ve come. Lots of people resent their past mistakes and dwell on them until they decide to quit and these kinds of people are significantly harsh on themselves and others and they do not make room for mistakes. This is a bad attitude to have because you won’t be able to enjoy anything as you want everything to be perfect. Imperfection is what comprises human nature; everyone works at different paces and is special in their own way. Start again if you’ve come to a halt while using your past mistakes as a template to do better. Everyone makes mistakes and has things to learn; just try not to take your tough experiences personally and instead proceed with strength and forgiveness.


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