The Month of many colors!

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First of all, welcome to our first news article! We are glad to see you here and very proud you found a way to reach us over this big sphere called the World Wide Web. We had much to do and solve the last few months, and we had different issues to address. One of them was the change in our hosting company. We had an apparently huge and solid host before, but we encountered many problems, such as blocked/blacklisted IPs on our very slow "performance" server, a sad impossibility of reaching a good technician, and multiple escalation support emails that were never answered. We changed the hosting company, and now it seems just perfect. A fast and friendly support team with impressive technical knowledge behind scalable server hosting. Perfect! However, enough of them: If you have encountered problems before this, since yesterday, the shop is running stably. Our promise to you is great customer interaction: You asked, we delivered! We have designed new bottle colors. Earlier, it was not very easy to distinguish between Belisan Superfoods Basic and Belisan Superplant Enzymes if you were in a hurry. Now, it is extremely easy. This makes August the month of many colors for us!

Belisan Coupon COLOR

As a small apology for the last two weeks when our shop did not work properly, for the next two weeks (until Sunday, 08/28/2016), we will give you a 10% discount with the coupon code "COLOR".


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