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Hi there. We are so happy that our heart business is now growing slowly. We had a lot to do, and we have found some groovy freelancer that helps us out with high content for you - all about lifehacks and recipes that are easy to fulfill, even if you are a busy person. We have received good feedback about what we are doing, and we also have received an ugly amount of spam registration. We appreciate this because if there are so many spammers out there that find our site is interesting for backlinks, we are on a good way to be attractive to each other. However, we had to find a solution because we cannot give away publicity for nothing. Spammer: Do a pic with our Belisan products, and we will decide if we will reshare your content on our social media profiles. So we know some tools are okay; you just have lesser work deleting the spam, but there is still work behind - work that many companies, especially startups, needed at other topics... However, the easiest solution for our customers and us is to deactivate registrations to everyone except those customers who have ordered our goods. It is simple because you can autoregister at the same time you are buying in our online shop. A registered account on Belisan has a few goodies we are just finishing the next few weeks, like a meal planner and a shopping list for recipes we provide on our blog. We will come back to you shortly with this news. Until then, why not start with Belisan Green Superfoods Basic? It's a win-win-win situation... We can keep our good work for you; you have the Belisan account and one of the highest quality supplement on the market. Thanks for reading; enjoy this beautiful day.


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