How To Effectively Eat Seasonally

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There are lots of advantages to eating locally and more importantly, seasonally because utilizing what is in the season is equivalent to taking what the earth offers you as opposed to enforcing artificial production via energy and chemical-extensive methods. Eating seasonally also means the food will have better flavor and higher nutritional content seeing as it is fresh. It can be difficult for some to eat seasonally and needs meticulous consideration, small steps and forgiveness from within.

Make sure you have a plan

Conduct adequate research so you can know what requires special attention and the options available out there. It is essential that you keep your seasonal diet balanced just as you would with any other healthy diet and this would mean making sure your plate contains all the crucial nutrients needed and is also colorful. Get to know what is available when and how that will affect your meals.

Keep it simple

Just because a seasonal diet can introduce your pantry to new foods this does not mean that things need to become too complicated. It is probably a good idea to stick to simple recipes with simple preparation methods until things become familiar and comfortable. Most foods can be made into a soup or tossed into a salad while other can be steamed, grilled, sautéed or roasted. For a side, you can have a legume dish, some bread, pasta or rice.

Buy Fresh foods

Make sure they are recently harvested and locally produced by becoming involved with the CSA or frequenting a farmers’ market. In this way, the money you’ll be spending on local produce will go to small local growers as opposed to international importers. Fresh food is a lot more rewarding and tastes better which will make the transition to new vegetables and fruits healthier and easier.

Change eating habits

This is essential when eating seasonally because you will not get things like banana or avocado among other typical foods unless you live in very specific areas. Additionally, most things won’t be on the menu all year round so you will have to change your diet habits which might not be bad, but maybe shocking; stay with what is in the season by easing into it gently.

Grow it yourself

By doing this you might find the food to be fresher and of course cheaper. Herbs and lettuces are easy to grow and can be done around the house in containers which means they can be available to season eaters all year. You can also grow food on the balcony or in the lawn which could be fun and relaxing for some.

Keep favorites

There are lots of easy ways to preserve food so that they will be available to you when they are out of season. Favorites such as tomatoes can be canned blueberries which can be great for breakfast freeze well. You can turn cabbages into kimchi or sauerkraut while seasoning vegetables and dehydrating fruits can be helpful. There are some root vegetables, fall and winter vegetables and fruits which can last in a cellar for months. This would help you take advantage of the surpluses that seasonal produce has to offer.


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