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Lots of people want to eat better and healthier, but when it comes to doing it that is where the downfalls come in. However, you should know it is not such a difficult task and you can start just by making small changes such as the following hacks and end up improving your diet immensely and in the long run, your overall health.

Kick the sugary drinks to the curb

Avoiding sugary drinks such a sugary fruit drinks and soda will make such a significant impact on your diet. All they do is fill you up with calories and sugar and do nothing to satisfy your hunger because you will end up feeling hungry again not long after. If you are thirsty the best thing you can do for yourself is reaching for that glass of water instead.

Pre-cut your vegetables

Preparing for your hunger beforehand can do a lot more for you in your steps towards a healthier diet. One of the best ways to do this is to slice up some raw vegetables and have them available for you just in case you get hungry later or you can have them ready to go to snack on as you go about your daily activities. You can also buy vegetables, pre-cut at your local supermarket. By doing this you will have a healthy and convenient snack for when cravings strike.

Do not buy junk food

This seems pretty obvious, but having a kitchen stocked with potato chips and biscuits will increase your chances of giving into your cravings and indulging. By not buying unhealthy and addictive junk food, you will feel a greater urge to look for healthier snack options when you get hungry.

Have an early breakfast

Countless nutritionists and experts have told us not to skip breakfast and they are right. It is the most important meal of the day seeing as it boosts your metabolism early in the day by speeding it up after it was slowed down during the night when you were asleep to conserve the energy that you have stored. Making sure you get a proper nutritious breakfast immediately after you wake up kick starts your metabolism process once again.

Make your lunch the night before

I am sure there are countless times you have run out the door in the morning without any home-made lunch because of last minute things even though you promised yourself you would make a healthy lunch for yourself to take to work. Mornings are a typically busy time and this is why you should try to make your lunch the night before so that you won’t be tempted to grab some fast food when your stomach starts grumbling at lunchtime.

Planning your meals

This is a very practical idea because it enables you to shop with a purpose, so that you can plan the entire week’s meal schedule and save you the trouble of figuring out what to have for dinner. It also makes you plan for and prepare healthy and filling meals.

Never shop hungry

Before going to a supermarket for some grocery shopping, have a granola bar or some fruit and you will be able to stick to healthy options on your grocery list. This will help you avoid impulse buying because when you are hungry you are more likely to dump into your cart.

Eat on smaller plates

The theory behind this hack is that your brain will see that the plate is full of food and will feel more satisfied when it is empty making you feel full faster and keeping you from overeating. It is purely psychological and is tried and tested.

Stock up on healthy snacks

If you have a tendency to snack a lot then just stock up on wholesome and healthy snacks instead of trying to resist your cravings so that you can indulge but not ruin your diet. Place them somewhere you can see them for example a container of nuts or a bowl of fruit.

Add lemon to your drinking water

This will help you in fending off cravings in between meals, it can contribute to weight loss and it also helps with digestion.

Plan for your leftovers

It is always a good idea to make more than enough when planning meals so that you will have enough leftovers to be used as subsequent meals or packed lunch. This also avails you with twice the amount of healthy food, but with half the clean up after meals.

Before eating, eat a little

If you will be going for a social engagement where you know there will be tempting foods or foods that are bad for you then make sure you eat a filling and healthy meal prior. This applies to other meals as well; eat a light snack before meals so that you will eat less when it is meal time.

Eat lots of small meals

Consider having smaller meals, all through the day in between the 3 main ones as this will place less stress on your digestive system. Smaller meals will help your body function more efficiently.

Eat more fat

Contrary to popular belief, this hack might be good for you; just make sure they are good fats though, such as those in avocados and nuts. Foods that are abundant in fats help you feel more satisfied and will not trigger the insulin high we experience followed by a crash after eating carbohydrates that are processed.


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