Eggplant Tartare

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[recipe][wpurp-searchable-recipe]Eggplant Tartare - This recipe is a masterpiece, try it and you will impress your friends. - Eggplants: eggplant, olive oil, thyme (dry, not fresh), marjoram (dry, not fresh), paprika (dry, not fresh), basil (dry, not fresh), Tartare: capers, capers water (from the capers can), red onion, ketchup, cognac ((optional!)), sambal oelek, pepper, chili (powder), Side: toast, margarine (as example...), Before: Preheat your air circulation oven to 350 Degree.; Eggplants: Cut the eggplants in half (lengthwise).; Use a sharp knife into the eggplant flesh "diamonds" cut.; Mix the thyme, marjoram, paprika and basil into the olive oil. Apply the mixture to the eggplant halves, sprinkle or rub well with a brush until the oil disappears in the flesh.; Lay the halves on a baking sheet and place in the preheated oven. Approximately roasting air circulation at 350° for 1 hour.; Tartare: Chop the capers and red onion, mix them well in a bowl with the other ingredients: Capers water, ketchup, cognac, sambal oelek, pepper and chili.; As soon as the eggplants are ready (yes, they can be a bit "brown" on the surface), let them cool until it's safe for you to scrape out the flesh and chop the mass.; Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and let cool down the tartare for two hours in the fridge.; - Garnish like you love it your way. Use toasted toast with margarine and tartare, and enjoy your meal :-)[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


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