Ayruvedic Techniques That Can Improve Your Mental Well-Being

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Ayurvedic medicine has been used for over 3000 years and is an ancient Indian healthcare system which has shown success during the entire period. This proactive system was set in place to prevent problems and give customized solutions to those who follow it. The best part about it is that it is a natural system which alters the body’s chemistry as instead of disrupting it. Regardless of the subtle objections of modern medical institutes to these holistic techniques in the name of them being unproven, Ayurvedic methods are gaining popularity among more people. Instead of chemical medicines and sugary energy drinks, which promise to keep you energized and focused, try something more natural and sustainable which might end up being better for your body.

Give helpful herbs a try

In doing this you should keep in mind that herbs do not really work in the same way that pills do and the best way to utilize herbal remedies would be to use them regularly and incorporate them into your daily routine. If the problem is already there, then normally regular high doses of these helpful herbs would help in beginning to neutralize the issue and not long after the plant should be incorporated into your daily life. Even though herbs are natural and for most of us that would mean safe, increasing the concentration of your use should only be done with professional assistance or proper research. Find out more information about the herb you intend to use and then take it responsibly. This could mean taking it as a food or drink from the plant; as a last resort, one would take concentrated capsulized doses of the herb but the less processed you take the herb, the better. In terms of memory and concentration, there are so many helpful herbs out there that you can try. Gotu kola, ginseng, Brahmi, kava kava and ginkgo biloba are excellent herbal aids, but basil, peppermint and rosemary are some other recognizable remedies as well.

Nourish your brain

Doctors have not been adequately trained on the nutrition needed for a healthy body, but instead the focus entirely been on medication, which unfortunately for patients has led to the increased need for medicine. But there has been recent research on the extent to which proper nutrition affects some medical conditions. One thing you should stay away from particularly is refined sugar. Why? It gives you a temporary mental boost, but it will also send your concentration and blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Sugar affects your mood, ability to learn, short-term memory and attention span negatively and it changes your brainwave patterns which can make it hard to think clearly. Some of the topmost brain-healthy foods you should include in your diet are turmeric, rosemary, dark chocolate, coconut oil, cold-water fatty fish, nuts, green leafy vegetables and all kinds of berries. In an effort to keep the brain well-tuned, the body needs to be provided with useful nutrients. Whole grains should be your first option; they supply the slow-release energy needed by the body to keep one going throughout the day both mentally and physically. Some of the other foods specifically associated with enhanced brain function and improved memory include:
  • Blueberries are well known for their prevention of short-term memory loss
  • Pumpkin seeds and flaxseed have omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to be essential for healthy brain function
  • Blackcurrants have vitamin C which is important to keep you sharp
  • Broccoli which has vitamin K that is good for improved cognitive power
  • Nuts which contain vitamin E that can prevent mental decline
  • Tomatoes have lycopene which can prevent dementia

Practice exercises for improved mindfulness

The same way muscle reaction, physical dexterity and overall strength require maintenance and practice such is the case for mental prowess. We have to exercise our brains to keep them updated and agile. You can do this by doing brain exercises such as puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords which are low impact, reading which boosts the brain’s stamina and learning new skills such as playing a musical instrument. High impact brain games which make use of accuracy and time are equally as important and luckily there are plenty of board games which can help such as Bananagrams, Set, Boggle, Scattergories and Taboo which are all great and fast-paced to stimulate the mind. There are also some brain game websites you can look up such as Luminosity and Games for the Brain. The brain needs a healthy lifestyle for your general well-being and just as the physical body requires exercise and nourishment so does the mind. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water and engage in lots of physical exercises.

Unplug and relax

Stress in short bursts can enhance focus because of an adrenaline burst, but stress can take a toll on memory impairment, poor judgment, reduced attention span and your overall mental powers. Try to avoid multitasking and focus on one activity at a time to improve your concentration and also get rid of any clutter from your life. This can make you more productive, relaxed and focused. Try meditation to train your mind to stay on task and focus on things better. Meditation alters your brainwave state improving focus, inspiring creativity and enhancing learning ability. You will experience increased attention span and focus and enhanced productivity once you start practicing meditation regularly.


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