Acid Reflux And Foods To Avoid

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Acid reflux is a condition in which acidic gastric fluid from the stomach is regurgitated into the esophagus, causing heartburn which is the most common symptom. The stomach produces acid normally, gastric acid, to cleanse the food eaten by destroying harmful bacteria. And when this acid mixed with food is regurgitated back up the esophagus it produces a burning and sometimes painful sensation. If individuals eat a reasonable amount of foods, it is let out into the duodenum a little at a time for further digestion. If people eat too much, however, the stomach becomes highly pressured and relief is needed, above the stomach is the sphincter muscle that relaxes allowing gas and liquid to escape. Acid reflux is linked to eating certain foods and the best stratagem is to avoid these foods entirely if one has the tendency to suffer from bouts of acid refluxes. Foods to avoid that are Problematic
  1. Carbonated Beverages
Like soda, the fizzy bubbles in the drink expand inside the stomach increasing its pressure. Unfortunately, processing carbonated drinks makes them acidic and it’s recommended to avoid them altogether.
  1. Chocolate
Poor, poor you chocolate lovers. This is a “triple-thunder” acid reflux causer:
  • Contains caffeine, which has been known to relax the sphincter muscle promoting acid reflux.
  • Chocolate is high in fat, more specifically fatty acids.
  • Contains cocoa, which also causes reflux.
  1. Deep-fried food
Due to their high fat content, it’s the most recognizable food that causes acid reflux.
  1. Alcohol
Although some alcoholic beverages are not very acidic, they act on the brain receptors to relax smooth muscles and the esophageal sphincter is a smooth muscle, causing reflux. Drink moderately and avoid acidic mixes like soda and alcohol. But there is always the option of abstaining.
  1. High-fat Dairy products
Again, please note all high-fat foods cause acid reflux. The cheesing-habits has to stop if you have acid reflux. If you find it hard to surrender, use these foods as flavoring, ergo low fat is better than none.
  1. High-fat meat
High-fat meat like pork and lamb stay longer in the stomach, up to 4 hours, and coupled with their fat content, cause acid reflux. It would be wise to switch to lean cuts of meat and eat it moderately. A few days a week, perhaps.
  1. Caffeine
One cup is okay, but drinking coffee like its water causes acid reflux undoubtedly, if one is in need for caffeine, try chamomile tea, or green tea. Management and treatment Dietary change is often the first method suggested and recommended by healthcare professionals. Eat sizeable amounts of food, time to ensure pressure doesn’t build up. When one suffers from acid reflux, there are drugs that one can take to alleviate the symptom of Heartburn or stop reflux in the first place altogether. Some individuals who do not respond to medication or choose not to take drugs, have an option surgery, namely anti-reflux surgery. This however should be a last resort.


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