7 Ways You Can Treat Sweaty Hands At Home

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Sweaty hands are a sign of stress and excitement, and it is quite normal. However, some people have excessive sweating of the hands which they can’t control. This is a medical condition called Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The sweaty hands can negatively impact your work, relationships or even education as one tends to be messy and slippery. It’s an embarrassing condition, and one will shy away from greeting people and handling things. There are some ways that one can choose to treat the sweaty hands and also prevent further sweating.  Some of these remedies can be easily done at home, and some of them are:
  1. Soaking in sage tea
Sage tea has lots of astringent properties which will stop palms from sweating as it acts by shrinking the pores. The sage tea bags or fresh leaves are added to warm or hot water and then allowed to steep for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the tea bags and soak your hands for about twenty minutes every day and one will start seeing results within a week. For quicker results, one can drink the sage tea.
  1. Water
Drinking water lowers the body temperatures, hence reduces sweating. One should take at least 2-3 liters of cold water per day so that the body temperature is under control and is cool. One can also soak their hands in cold water, and this will prevent sweating for at least three hours.
  1. Green tea
Green tea has antioxidant effects, hence it detoxifies the body and eliminates the bad odor. It has medicinal, and astringent properties that will naturally close the pores hence reduces sweating, removes excess moisture and oils and also prevents sweat from escaping from the skin. You can take 2-3 cups of green tea daily or pat ice cubes made from green tea in your hands to prevent excessive sweating.
  1. Baby or talcum powder
Apply baby or talcum powder on your hands to reduce the sweating. The talc in the powder forms a layer over the skin surface, and it absorbs the sweat hence keeping sweating under control. Perfumed powders are not the best because they can make the hands smell bad when the sweat and perfume mix.
  1. Baking soda
Baking soda helps keep the skin dry as it has excellent absorption properties. Mix it with water and apply the mixture or even soak your hands in the mixture. The baking soda seals the skin surface, hence prevents sweat escaping through the skin.
  1. Tomato juice
Tomatoes have astringent and cooling properties which help in sweaty hands. You can apply the tomato juice on your hands or soak them in the tomato juice to keep them soft and dry.  You can also drink it so as to keep your body cool which in turn reduces the sweating episodes.
  1. Vinegar
This is another type of remedy that has astringent properties that control sweaty hands. You can pat vinegar on your palms 2-3 times a day or even soak your hands in the vinegar to prevent excessive sweating and keep your hands dry. You can also add vinegar to your bathing water.


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