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We're excited to see you here. Please take a few minutes to look at our introduction video right here. Our high-quality, our customer service, and, not least, our fantastic modular approach are the keys to a successful supplementation. Please feel free to browse our products and our blogs, and don't forget to share us with friends and family. Don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook Messenger if you have questions. We're happy to talk with you.

I was able to order and use "Belisan basic" weeks ago and I can say: it is the best multi-vitamin and green food that I used so far. It got everything I need to enrich my diet and together with the enzymes and anti-oxidants that I bought from this brand, I am totally satisfied. You feel the difference, at least I do as my energy levels went straight up and I am not so moody anymore. It is also highly important to me, that the ingredients are vegan and gmo free, and Belisan delivers all that. I just love the philosophy and look forward for more products from this cool company that - in my opinion - does really care about quality and environment and of course... me, the customer :) - Wilhelm

I have been taking Belisan Green Superfoods, Enzymes, Antioxidant in combination with the Basic Supplements since over 4 months, in the mornings it helps me to be more focused helping me a great deal to finish my morning tasks, then I take one after lunch, my energy levels have improved amazingly. I feel much more concentrated and can tackle more than before. These products have positively changed my life, my health is much better, my moods, my general well being! Thanks a bunch Belisan, I have surely recommended this product to my friends!! Keep up the good work!! - Urs

With Belisan Basic, I immediately had a better fitness performance, and I slept better, too. Belisan has no iron, but my values are at it's best. I don't know why, but these professional team members obviously love what they do and also know their craft on a high professional level! I've tried a lot and never found something with this notable power. - Aline

Jackpot! With Belisan Green Superfoods Basic, in combination with the power antioxidants, I've found my own super combo. I'm your biggest fan! I'm 56 years old, and since I use your products, people around me ask me why I look so fresh, young, and fit. I'm pretty sure it has to do with your magic formula in these tiny capsules! Thank you! - Markus

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