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1 year ago
Lidia N.
I had a problem which I don't want to speak out, because it's painful to me to talk about this. But what I can say, is, that my boyfriend informed me about how beneficial OPC and antioxidants can be, and told me to try the Belisan Antioxidants. The reason was that this formula contains Bromelain and Green Tea Catechins, that empowers the Grape Seed Polyphenols. Don't worry, I didn't understand what he means, but after I saw this phenomenal effects on myself, and I finally could cry from happiness because my health problem was COMPLETELY GONE in a matter of ONE WEEK, where every doctor told me there is nothing to do about it, I dived into this topic. Now I understand how simple it can be to solve such issues I had, and I'm preventing for the future. Among so many supplement companies out there, I know the Belisan team knows exactly what they're doing. With infinite thanks.
1 year ago
Due to a lot of stress and to less vacation, I am mentally exhausted very often. That results in moments of bad memory and attention and the well know "brain fog". I used more exotic products and "Nootropics" but none of them brought a long term satisfaction. Probably because some of them use stuff that your body gets used to, easily. The Belisan product however managed to work better and better with regular usage and in combination with the "Essential" formula (that I use already since it had another name ("basics"). I really love that modular system that build on each other and "Brain Extract" is a good support for a clearer mind and better memory. It also has a bit of a positive affect on my ADHD as my inner turmoil calms down a bit. Love it!
1 year ago
Remo F.
After deciding to turn my back on supplements completely 5 years ago because of various scandals and personal research on other products, i was fortunate enough to stumble across Belisan! The orthomolecular specialists & nutritionists that really changes up the game for me. Like seriously, when it comes to my body there is no compromise neither in quality nor compassion. Using Belisan Prodcuts had exactly the effect I was looking for. Chronic inflammation reduced, overall physical and mental performance increased and sleeping quality optimized do to better regenration. I highly recommend Belisan Product in any aspect amid many choices on the market. Also I am highly impressed with the costumer service and delivery quality. Keep it up guys and thank you so much for making a difference. Remo Flecklin Fitness-, Personal- and Lifestyle Coach

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